Today, Sam speaks with Caity Reilly, a devotee to the wild feminine call to healing & awakening.


Join us as we talk about Caity's experience during the pandemic. 


Caity is a "human committed to being in [her] heart in integrity."  | Creating safety and connection with/through honesty | Being in the descent of the Heroine's journey | Seeking the deepest level of integrity | Experiencing safety and privilege during the pandemic | "The great pause" as a gift | Creatively channeling writing during this time | “Loves Embrace," a co-created field committed to honesty | Facing aloneness as an experience of profundity | The paradox of aloneness and connection | "Being human is all about love" | Recognizing the depth of longing, aloneness, and connectedness | Studying under Loren Rosche and his teachings of the Radiance Sutras | Sutra #26The One Who Is at Play Everywhere says | Naming what I’m doing is the quickest way to come into connection | Recognizing that I have a choice about how I meet challenging experiences | 


Thank you for sharing with humility & grace, Caity! 


More about Caity:

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