Today, Sam speaks with his friend David Robinson.


Join us as we talk about David's experience of COVID-19 and how it has impacted him on multiple levels :


David is an educator, activist, and bird-lover!  | Falling in love with Modern Dance | Being bullied for being a sissy | Being aware that, "I’m not doing all that I can, yet I’m doing a lot more than a lot of people I know." | Depression, anxious, being semi crazed |Coming back to the present moment | Song lyrics: Wade in the water, because it’s really going to be troubled water  | Birdwatching & activism: “Auk the vote” | Staying practical and taking collective action | Involvement in Act Up | Learning to laugh, have joy, and be sexy in addition to being loud in activism | Recognizing there is so much more that I can do once joining a movement | It’s ok to be gay; it’s a strength and gift to the world | Grief & rage 2-3 years into Act Up | Experiencing the community more powerfully than I ever have in my life as hard as it was | Discovering birdwatching as a spiritual practice | "Act first and the feelings will follow." | 


Thank you for sharing, David! 


David's Instagram: Dvdrobinson

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