Today, Sam has a heartfelt conversation with Dr. Joel A. Brown.


Join us as we talk about Joel's experience of the recent murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter Movement, and COVID-19 :


Diversity & Inclusion | Being raised in Milwaukee and growing up in Minneapolis | Being African, Indigenous, and LGBTQ | Teaching Empathy & EQ (Emotional Intelligence) | Black Resilience | Being the minority & being minoritized | I belong, I am just as beautiful, I am deserving | Getting past these illusions of separation so we can all see what it is we all have to bring into the world | We are all connected | Continuing to listen to my heart and my spirit | You can’t resolve what you don’t acknowledge, you have to go through to get beyond | The biggest gift you can give people is to share or receive their story | "Despite everything that has happened, it is still a good day to be Black" | 



Thank you for sharing your wisdom & experiences with us, Joel! 


Joel's website & recent articles:

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