Today, Sam speaks with one of his teachers from Esalen, Ellen Watson.

Join us as we talk about Ellen's experience during COVID-19 & social/civil justice movements :

Teaching in Bali when COVID emerged | Coming home to the US and preparing for the worst | Shifting her work to online platforms | Stepping into Transpersonal facilitating | Studying under Stanislav Grof | Transpersonal healing while suffering from a personal emergency | Being part of a renaissance since the 80's | Political activism | Being quieted as a child | Experiencing educational freedom at Esalen | Through breathwork, having regained permission to make sound | Dancing with the shadow | Growing up in the South as a white woman | Global racism | The ability to create a future that is good for all is in our hands | Finding a way to solve human conflict other than war |

Thank you, Ellen, for sharing your experiences with us all.

More info. on Ellen:

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