Today, Sam speaks with his dear friend Ophir Haberer.


Join us as we talk about Ophir's experience of living during the time of COVID-19 :


Self-publishing a poetry book, The Essence Underneath | Living and thriving in an intentional-living community | Unlearning + deconditioning beliefs around masculinity | Facilitating men's groups | Inviting men to be vulnerable in safe spaces | Sharing the womb & life with a twin brother | "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." (Elie Weisel) | Channeling | Listening to all emotions and exploring them | Weaving together different truths | Dismantling practices and rediscovering them | Rejecting formative beliefs in order to rediscover his own true voice | “My inner voice has been my greatest teacher” | Listening to all the different parts that comprise me | The descent has been one of the biggest learning experiences | Having an emotional experience during sexual growth | Integrating into an understanding of all parts of ourselves |  


Thank you for sharing from your heart, brother! 


Ophir's recent article:

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